Ramadan Calendar
  • Weekend Special

    Halwa Puri Breakfast

    Only $7.99 Per Person Dine In

    and $6.99 Per Person Take out

  • Lamb Chopps

    Our Speciality in BBQ

  • Chicken Leg Tandoori

    Our Speciality in BBQ

  • Live Fresh Karahi

    Fri, Sat, Sun Only

  • BBQ & Mix Platter

    Veg & Non-Veg


Prices of all food items have been increased.


  • BBQ

    Served with Onion salad and chutney

    BBQ Mix Platter 3pcs Chicken kabab,3pcs Seekh kaban,4pcs Chicken boti,4pcs Bihari kabab,4pcs Fish tikka,4pcs Naan.
    Reshmi Kabab 3pcs Lean ground chicken marinated in specially formulated spices and herbs.
    Bihari Kabab Tender beef strips marinated in yoghurt and specially formulated spices and herbs for 24hours.
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  • Live Fresh Karahi

    Friday, Saturday, Sunday Only Served with salad

    Fresh Desi Chicken Karahi Desi Chicken cooked with fresh tomatoes,ginger,green chillies and coarsely ground spices.
    Fresh Mutton Karahi Mutton pieces cooked with fresh tomatoes,ginger,green chillies,chopped onions and coarsely ground spices.
    Fresh Quails Karahi Quails cooked with the perfect combination of spices and herbs.
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    Taste our delicious hot biryani with arousing aroma.

    Chicken Biryani Served with onion salad and chutney
    Veal / Goat Biryani Served with onion salad and chutney (Weekend Special) (ask server for dish availability)
    Veg. Biryani A traditional mughlai main course item loaded with chopped vegetables, spices, saffron and dry fruits.
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  • Weekend Special

    saturday-Sunday 10:00am-3:00pm Make your weekend special

    Halwa Puri Breakfast Includes 2 fresh home-made Puris Aloo Bhaji, Chana, achar and onion salad with Halwa Dine-in
    Full Buffet Breakfast Puri and Nan, Paya, Nihari, Aloo Bhaji, Chana Masala Achar, Halwa, Dahi, Onion Salad, Tea
    Veal/Goat Biryani Absolutely delicious taste
    Weekend special
    (Ask server for dish availability)
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  • Rahber Fatmi

    We received our ordered dishes and I have to say, I was delighted how wonderful each dish was. All were flavorful, with a little spicy bite (as ordered), anyone would enjoy these dishes .
    Zaaffran Kitchen is a must try restaurant.

  • Stanley Pereira

    I am addicted to this place! I have been eating there at least once a week, and some times twice, ever since I "found" them. I like to branch out from the awesome Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masla so I ask Asif (awesome guy that manages the place). This has proved wonderful as everything that I've had has been excellent. I can not get enough of this place. Very affordable too.

  • Sarfaraz Hamid

    I loved this new restaurant in Mississauga. They have Pakistani and Indian food and more. The food was great, the waiter could explain about each dish, and the portions were very generous. Will be back again!